Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I feel extremely proud of my husband at this moment.  He's currently helping my brother bring sawdust in from the sawmill (for free) to use as bedding for the rabbits, chickens & horses.  Boo ya!  :-D

The chickens are happy, the guinea's are out making all sorts of racket, my new chickens were laid yesterday or the day before, and will be hatching on the 21st.  Arriving the 22nd - 25th... life is good.  

Also, a woman has e-mailed me requesting that I raise 20 Cornish X birds for her as she cannot eat store bought chicken any longer.  It makes her sick and she was wondering if I would be willing.  The only problem is she doesn't want to pay me in cash, she wants to barter with me for meat rabbits.  I need cash, not bunnies, but I suppose if I "sell" them to my in-law's it could work out.

Off to clean the chicken house now.  Have a great day ya'll.

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