Friday, April 18, 2014

Just in from our spys...

Our spies have intercepted this message. Just in from the hen house:

"Day 380 of the life of an egg laying chicken:

(British accent) Dear diary: In the wee morning hours of this so far dreary day, I proceeded to poop on my own eggs, because this makes my captors very unhappy to touch my beautiful, wonderful, lusciously enormous unhatched children.

I do not like it when I have to sit for hours stirring another potential child just to have the ugly, rude, bossy, two legged giants come in here and egg-nap them!!!! Oooooohhh the horror I endure everyday!

In the afternoon I dream of roosters and being away from this horrible barn surrounded by other uncaring chickens of the same boring color as I, and away from these awful skinny-necked-fat-bodied-gray-things that insist on squawking at all hours of the day and night.
Oh how I dream of a beach house far far away with a rooster of my own to eat juicy worms on the beach with.... But I digress.

Such is not the current life of this particular chicken thus far. Perhaps in the unforeseeable future I will escape this awful "coop" as my captors, the ugly giants, call it. But the thoughts and memoirs of this egg laying chicken have come to an end for the day. I take my leave. Good day to you dear diary."

~ Megs

 This was too cute to not post. LOL - Heidi

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