Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chicken roost's & new fluffy butt prep - guinea/chicken hybrids

I feel highly accomplished.  I pulled a couple random branches & old pieces of wood down to the chicken house and arranged them in such a way as to allow the chickens more room to roost so they stop picking on each other.

I don't know if it will help, since the ISA Browns we have are rather lacking in intelligence sometimes.  Although, admittedly, it isn't entirely their fault because they were chicks without a mother to teach them to do things like roost and scratch for food so they had to learn these "skills" by themselves, or in the case of roosting on sticks, we had to teach them.

Either way, later on when the other chicks come I don't think these new roosts will go to waste because either they won't use them and Hubby will hang another pallet mid-air for me, or they do use them and he doesn't need to help me.  Either way I'm sure it will be fine.

I have approximately 8 days to wait for my chicks to arrive give or take a day or two... and I'm excited, not going to lie.  I need to go to the co-op and buy some chick starter and little things like that, but mostly I'm prepared for them to arrive. :-)

*Gets distracted by Hubby*

I just realized after talking with Hubs and googling a little bit that my husbands guinea roo's are covering my ISA Brown hens.  I'm freaking out. LOL!!  I google image searched it and these resulting hybrids are UGLY!!  But you know what?  I bet it wouldn't be difficult to tell them out of the rest of the flock when it came time to cull them out!!  I wonder how they taste... Hmmm... Interesting.  May need to run with this.  But the hybrids crossed with a naked neck chicken end up looking like buzzards!!  I'm laughing so hard right now, no kidding!!

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