Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unexpected fluffy butts!!!

I had to go to Angola for groceries yesterday, and something told me to stop into Rural King to see what kind of chicks they had.  All the tanks were empty.  I thought to myself "Both good & bad.  Good that the fluffy butts didn't have to live in those stock tank brooders very long, and that they had gone to their new homes, but bad because they're all gone and I don't have any more to buy."   So I went on about my business, figured it wasn't the right time to "fill out" my flock.

I had ordered 3 buff orpingtons, but mypetchicken must have been running short, because they only sent one.  I had told them to "substitute" if they ran short, so they sent one extra australorp, and one extra silver lace wyandotte I think.  Anyway, I want 3 buff orpingtons, so I moved on to TSC to see if they had any.  They did, and not only did they have buff orpingtons, but they had AMERICAUNA'S!!!   I bought 5 A's & 2 BO's to start with, but ended up going back and buying another 6 A's, which was all that they had.  Yup I'm that awesome.  I bought all of the Easter Eggers they had available.  lol. 

The only downside is that it's straight run, so I have no idea how many of the new fluffies are male or female.  All the newbies are straight run. 

The end count for the new fluffy butt's is: 

1  Buff Orpington F + 2SR
2 Australorp
3 Silver Laced Wyandottes
3 Black Jersey Giant (hen)
1 Black Jersey Giant (Roo)
3 Light Brahma
11 Americauna SR

26 fluffy butts!! :-D

Photos to follow! 


 "And what do you think you are doing?? "  - Butter Butt - Dad named it
 Butterscotch - Megan named it

 A pretty little Americauna girl. :-D
 Beautiful coloring on this little Americauna. :-D
 Another Americauna.
 One of the Australorps. :-D
 Silver lace wyandotte girl.  I am loving these stripes!

 Another color variation to the light brahma.  This one has a bad case of pasty butt IMHO
 Yes she was really thrilled with me while I was cleaning her up lemme tell you what...
 Such a pretty little Brahma girl
Look at those fuzzy feet!! Aren't they the cutest things!?

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