Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beepla's are 1-week old!

We made it through the first week with only one mortality!  I call this an achievement as I've never raised chicks before (my sister did it last time & lost one as well).   Here are some photos of the babies, and there are duplicates of the same bird, but some of them were not cooperating lol. 

A dark Easter Egger
 Bella a light easter egger
 A suspected rooster (the buff orp)
2 light easter eggers.  They like the wood I gave them to sit on
 Silver lace wyandotte
 Jersey giant

 Biggggggggggggg Stretch!! 
 Can't forget the other leg!
 One of my 3 light brahma's
 A look at how the light brahma wing is developing (it's under developed compared to the other chicks)
 overview of some of them.  2 Jersey giant on right side, 4 easter eggers on left
 Dark easter egger
 light easter egger
 One of my australorp
 Buff orpington

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