Tuesday, April 22, 2014

They've arrived!!!

The fluffy butts have arrived!!  They got to our post office this morning at 10:00am, and we had them home, in their new brooder by 11:00.  We had to bring them into the house as the barn seemed to be too cold.  I of course have a heat lamp over their box, but there is a draft, and the barn isn't the warmest right now.  I was concerned about this and had asked that I bring them into the house back when I ordered them, but had been told "no".  Well, when the poor dears are all huddled together, terrified and cold I just couldn't bear it so I brought them in the house anyway. 

I thought I had ordered 3 buff orpingtons, but I hadn't.  The list in the shipping box says I only ordered 1 buff orp, so she has been named Sunshine, and is a little beauty of course don'tcha know? 

We've "located" all of the light brahma's, but they don't all look the same so had they not had fluffy feet I wouldn't have known they were all brahma's. And of course the silver lace wyandotte's all look similar, with striped backs, but the australorps & jersey giants all kind of look similar. 

I can't be sure but I think I may have a splash giant instead of black, but I won't mind if he/she's a splash.  It will just make it easier to tell him/her apart from the rest of them... and I'm supposed to have 1 rooster in the bunch, but there is no way to know who he is at this point since they're still so tiny. 

I had talked to one of our neighbors/friends who had ordered chicks through the mail, and they didn't have very much luck with it.  I guess there were some sexing errors and so forth, so they decided to not order them online again, preferring instead to hatch their own.  To each their own, but I don't have an incubator at this point in time, so that doesn't work for me very well.  That, and I would need to order eggs instead of chicks, and I would think there would be a higher probability for failure and eggs being damaged through ordering... I don't know.  This seemed to work for me this time though!  :-D

 Our little Sunshine!  :-D

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