Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Egg Sales

Upon contemplation that I will be getting between 2 & 3-dozen eggs from my pet's, I am thinking perhaps I will pull one of my pallets apart & use the reclaimed wood to make myself a "Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale" sign to place in the yard.  How else would people know I have eggs available for them to buy?

I also am thinking of putting a sign down by the mill so when people come in for tours they will know too.

Of course as my supply increases there is a high probability that my demand will increase as well.  I already have enough people who want eggs at church to take care of a good 20-dozen per week, and if more people knew about the ability to get eggs when they'd like perhaps I could even place more than that.  My mom is kind of feeling overwhelmed with the prospect that I would potentially be selling that many eggs every week.

Then of course there is the fact that I would still have Rick's eggs to place every week, so potentially I would have 40-dozen every week, more if they don't all sell from the week before... yuuuuuup I'll be putting a sign out by the road... and probably an advertisement on Craigs list or something.


  1. Wow! That is a lot of eggs. It is nice that you already have people in mind to buy them - that is a great start to making some extra money for your homestead!

  2. :-) That's what we thought as well.

    My husband is currently a disabled veteran, and is unable to work a "normal" job. Gotta make money somehow. :-)


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