Saturday, May 3, 2014

Growing babies

Its amazing to me how quickly babies grow (both my own son & my pets).

Over the years, I've raised rabbits, chickens, sheep, horses, cows, pigs, hamsters, & mice.  One thing I have not ever had an interest in, is goats. lol but that has no bearing on my subject matter, I was just throwing that in there as a freebie.

When I was still pregnant, everyone told me "They grow so fast!  Don't underestimate or take the time with him for granted while he's small and not moving around the house on his own!"   I didn't really believe them... but they were all right!  My son is growing so fast...  When he was born, he was 8lbs 12oz.  A nice (slightly above) average size baby.  He's now 20lbs... so in 6-months he's put on 11lbs give or take.  I'm a bit amazed. 

My baby chickens on the other hand, I knew they grew fast.

They are 1-wk 4-days old.  Their tail feathers are coming in, their flight feathers have almost come in fully.  They are in a concrete milk tank with 3-foot walls, they're obviously not going to be getting out on their own, so I gave them branches, sticks, logs with & without bark & grass to play with.  They have discovered, that if they perch on the logs and flap their wings that they can "fly" but being chickens without all their feathers, especially their tails, they get no where and most of them land on their faces.  It is one of the funniest things ever!!  :-D

When I bought my Americauna/Easter Eggers I didn't care what colors they would be, I just wanted them because of the colored eggs they would produce.  Customers pay more for blue & green eggs, not to mention the rainbow assortment makes the kids happier.  They all think it's really awesome... which it is, but I haven't gotten all of the "colored egg" layers I would like to own yet. 

I'd still like to get my hands on some (1-5) Marans, and at least 1, possibly as many as 3 Welsummers. Oh well, someday maybe. :-)


  1. Easter eggers are so much fun. We just have one, and one welsummer, and it's always exciting to find their eggs.

  2. I've never had an adult EE before. :-) What I'm basically doing, is getting all sorts of them, then choosing my favorites & re-homing/butchering the ones I don't like. Mean roosters for example would be one I wouldn't bother to rehome. :-)


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