Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daddy Frog's First Bird

My husband is officially responsible for bringing our first bantam onto the homestead. After giving me over a year of ribbing over my quaint hobby... he's finally begun to be won over to how neat they can be.

It's kind of funny because although he has had his heart set on either a white silkie bantam, or a golden sebright bantam for the longest time, and I've always told him no, that we didn't really need bantams, that they would most likely get picked on and fight with the other chickens, a friend of ours bought straight run G.S.'s & has too many roo's, so she's giving as many of them away as she possibly can. 

Since I don't have an official photo of the "new guy" this is a photo pulled off google to help you all understand what the new guy will most likely look like. :-)

From what I've read on these birds, they are almost entirely ornamental in their body posture, attitudes, breast's & large tails. They don't lay many eggs, so when you're breeding, you have to make them count.

I am not entirely thrilled with ornamental birds to begin with, but this combined with the fact they are bantam, and will lay very tiny eggs if we get a female... I am reserving judgement on this bird!! LOL

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