Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Neighbor's needing help, Egg eater troubles & Beepla's are 3-weeks old

Even after clipping their wings and placing a hog panel covered in chicken wire over the mouth of the milk tank, the beepla's still are trying to fly out of it.  Rather annoying really... BUT they are growing growing growing at an unbelieveable rate!  Goodness gracious!  I think they are almost ready for the grow out pen!  I had thought perhaps they might make it to the 4-week mark, but at this rate, they will need to be moved before then!  I'm just glad they are healthy!


In other news, we have an "egg eater" in the flock.  She is consuming between 2 & 3 eggs before I can get out to collect them for the last 3 days, and to say that I am unhappy is an understatement.  I have no idea which chicken it is, but if I catch her, that will be that.  I'm tired of these shenanigans!


Also, in the course of my daily activities yesterday, I rode my bike up to deliver eggs to the neighbor and his wife.  She had facebooked that when I had extra eggs she would like to have at least 3-dozen.  Great.  Cool.  Problem is she has Huntington's Disease and doesn't leave her house some days (more days than not lately), so I end up delivering them, or having their son show up and take eggs, sometimes without asking.  Sometimes it's a big deal, sometimes it isn't.  I decided this week I would make sure she received them because there have been times when she's called asking where they are, after her son has already picked them up.  This tells me he is "snagging" them and sometimes forgets to give them to her.

All of that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, other than it came out in conversation that they are really struggling financially.  Apparently, they are so broke they don't have money for food, and are literally surviving on bread, milk & eggs.  Way to totally make me feel responsible for them to eat!

I came home, told mom, and we decided something must be done, because they need more nutrients than what can be had from just bread, milk & eggs.  So, taking some chicken stock she had just made, she threw together a big batch of chicken noodle soup for them and took it down.  I had planned to do something similar, she just beat me to it.

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