Thursday, May 8, 2014

Clipping their wings

It is currently around 85-degree's here, with humidity.   So to help the babies stay cool, I left the door to the brooder room open & took their heat lamp away.  This way they could "enjoy" the breeze blowing through, and maybe their room wouldn't smell so yucky anymore! ;-) 

After all of that, I propped an old pallet against the door so the dogs, cats and adult chickens can't get into their room and assault or molest them.  All the beeplas seemed excited from the fresh air, and I'm sure if they'd been given the choice they would have run off to play in the grass and sunshine, but we cannot allow that!  They might get lost, hurt or carried off by a hawk or an eagle or something!

I also put two hog panels covered in chicken wire over the stock tank they call home, so if anything were to actually get into their little room, the predator would have to work a little bit before it could hurt them.

All of these things combined caused them all to get overly excited and try to fly out of their tank-brooder, bouncing against the hog panels in their haste to go play.  So, their wings have now been cut all nice and neat to prevent them from bouncing themselves too hard against the 'roof', and although they are not happy about it, and some are acting as though they aren't sure how to walk now that they can't fly anymore... it's good for them.  The silly little chickens anyway...

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