Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beepla's @ 3-weeks old

My mom went out to the brooder room with me tonight to help take photos and look at all of the beeplas.  She hadn't seen them for quite awhile, but knew they had grown a lot.  She just didn't know how much.  It's really fun to watch them as they grow & mature.  It's a little bit staggering just how quickly they are doing so though.  :-)  Such pretty feathers some of these babies will have some day!! 

Unusual coloring isn't it?
I believe this to be a Silver Lace Wyandotte... but I'm not sure.  Either way, my husband believes it to be a rooster; or a very pushy female! lol

1/7 Dark Americauna's

1/3 Light Brahma's.  So pretty... each of them have unique coloring... it's going to be so much fun keeping these babies
1/4 Jersey Giant's

1/4 Jersey Giant's
1/4 Jersey Giant's showing off her newly clipped wing. 

1/3 Buff Orpington's.  I'm not thrilled with them so far, but they are pretty so far...

A lighter Americauna

She got comfortable on my hand... I wish all of them were this calm...

"Ooooooh what's that thing??"

Mom thought I needed to take a photo of the brooder tank so you all could see how much room they do (or don't) have lately.

This is an Americauna, but she is the only one like her.  She looks "brown" here but is actually more grey than anything. :-)  Really pretty.

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