Saturday, April 5, 2014

Loose chicken adventures

Our son is generally a perfect little froggy... always happy & smiling, but today he isn't behaving himself very well. His naps keep getting interrupted, and he believes he is missing something as I'm going about the daily chores of life, such as washing dishes (horrid things that they are) so he doesn't want to nap. I handed him off to my mom, who just happens to be reading a book in the living room, and she has gotten him back to sleep for the 3rd time. Normally he would take one, 3-hour nap, but today we're doing three 1-hour naps it seems. I just love it when he gets like this... NOT!! I can't get anything done, he

I left the chickens out of their pen last night, allowing them to fend for themselves for shelter, food & water, because they just wouldn't come. They were making me chase them around the barn, in and out of this bush & that bush, I just got fed up with their shenanigans. I have to assume that they spent the night in the hay loft because there is a crack in the floor boards above the sink and they were hopping down from the hay loft onto the shelf above the sink to greet me this morning. Two of them (presumably Rose & Tabitha) laid their eggs in the sink again, but the others, I have to assume either didn't lay an egg this morning (doubtful) or that they are somewhere up in the hay. My sister will be so overjoyed to realize this fact... she just loves to go upstairs to hay the horses & find eggs "the hard way".

The guinea's on the other hand, went into the pen without issue yesterday, so they got to spend the night in the pen without the chickens, and got their fill of the feed without needing to compete with the chickens for food. It's amazing how when they don't need to compete, I actually find the eggs in a pretty obvious spot... (not to mention they were penned in so they couldn't hide the eggs).

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