Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photos of the goings on today

The fluffy butts got moved into the milk tank/milk house today.  It took a little bit of doing, and for awhile I thought it might not work because of the broken door I had to fix that wasn't going back together very well, but it worked out good and they seem a lot happier. 

I gave them a log to "roost" on, or rather learn to roost on, because they can hardly hurt themselves if they roost on something like that log initially.  They seem to like it...

Can't forget photos of some of the adults. :-)  Mom likes the coloration on the ISA Browns, but I'm not overly impressed.  Their temperaments are good, and their egg laying abilities are good, but the colorings are too similar.  I can't tell the difference between them without their leg bands, and sometimes they're too far away to see their leg bands.

Jethro is of course NOT a chicken, but he's adorable, and was enjoying the sunshine none-the-less so he got himself featured in today's post. :-) 

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