Monday, April 28, 2014

Roosters & putting food up

I'm not terribly thrilled, but I believe perhaps I have close to 4 roosters... which means I will need to decide to either butcher them out, find new homes for them, or keep them away from each other.  Oh loveliness. :-P

My husband thinks we should keep them all, build 4 pens, and let each roo have his own "harem".  I think that sounds like a lot of work, and it will be hard enough to keep one rooster from going mean... but to have 4??  Goodness gracious.  The only upside would be if one went mean I could butcher him out without any guilt trips about not having another roo.  Either way we may end up with quite a bit of chicken for the freezer, and will probably end up canning a whole bunch as well just because its kind of "rip & dump" in a way.

My better half was raised in a home that rarely uses canned items unless they can be purchased in the store.  I on the other hand, was raised by a homestead mom who puts food up every year, and strives to be self-sufficient.  It's only been recently that D & I have embarked on this homesteading adventure for ourselves, and although he wasn't thrilled with helping me put food up last fall, I think he may have eaten all of the food he helped preserve.  Which is great, but it means we need to put a lot of food up this year again.


This photo was found at: Secrets of Mom 


  1. I can't imagine having more than one rooster!
    Your canned food looks yum!
    Thanks for stopping by Clearwater farm and leaving a comment. I am your newest google follower :)

  2. Thank you! :-)

    I've never had a rooster before to begin with... so the thought of having 4... really sounds overwhelming right now! LOL


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