Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guinea troubles

We have 4 pearl guinea fowl.  They went out with my ISA Brown hens 3-days ago to forage and free-range, but they wouldn't come back to the pen that night so I assumed that they would probably come back after they got hungry, thirsty & cold.  Which is somewhat true.  They did come back, but still wouldn't go INTO the pen.  Argh!!  I HATE THESE BIRDS!!!

I had considered allowing the female to hatch a brood, then eat the keets, but at the rate they're going, they're not going to make it there!

They made me chase them all over the barn, then one of the male's attacked my leg while I was trying to catch his female, so I'm not too thrilled about that, but it didn't hurt nearly as much as I imagined it might.  Their beaks are very evil looking, likewise their talons, but this time, for some reason, it didn't really "hurt" as much as just made me mad.  Perhaps it will hurt later?

In the process of trying to catch one of the females, she got hurt.  When I finally caught her, she had blood all over her head.  So I planned to put her into isolation, then realized the isolation crate wasn't ready to be used like that.  Chicken Ann had taken two of her rabbit cages and spliced them together to make a longer rabbit cage for the guinea's when they were still super small.  Once they were large enough to be put into the main pen we had put the isolation crate aside.  Since using it last, some of the metal pieces had come loose so there were wires that could potentially hurt any birds that got put into it, as well as both front load doors having come loose so the bird could potentially get out on her own. 

I had Dad help me with it, and between the two of us we caught all of those confounded birds, but golly I'm ready to forget all about these dumb animals and just eat them for dinner!

On the bright side, the female who has been laying multiple eggs every day, and is attempting to start a "clutch" of eggs, decided to lay her egg outside the door to the hen house since she couldn't get to her nest.

Mom believes I should leave her eggs alone, let them just sit on the ground for her to sit on, but I keep taking them out anyway.  I don't want the chickens to re-learn how to eat their eggs...

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