Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meal worm's, sawdust & seed eggs

 I've heard from several different sources that meal worms, as gross as they are, make a nice treat for chickens during those times when they can't get out into the yard to search for their own worms and bugs.  I wasn't thrilled with the idea of growing our own, but I didn't see any harm in looking into it, to read about it at least so when I realized that Mindie had already written a blog post about it, telling me all I needed to know as far as the basic information of it, I was thrilled.  I don't need to do any more research!  Boo ya!   However, these meal worms... are going to push me beyond my comfort zone just a little too much. 

On the bright side, we've gotten the chicken coop cleaned out and the fresh sawdust spread around.  The bucket feeder I've been working on has been placed and we shall see how it works for the crazies.  They have a new garbage bin, the washtub was just too big, and although not happy about all of the rain pitter-pattering on the roof they are all nice, warm, snug & dry in their house.  

Oh, and I also got the new nesting crate placed (old fruit box) & the "seed eggs" (dirt filled easter eggs) but they don't like the new crate.  They seem to prefer the old rabbit boxes, and the yellow & pink eggs.  In both those colors once they are filled with dirt the eggs look so realistic that my sister & I both have to look closely before gathering the eggs.  The chickens also haven't kicked them out of the nest yet either, so it is a definite plus to have filled them with something heavy like sand, dirt or ashes. 

I was supposed to have glued them shut, but I haven't yet because 1) they are difficult to open, and 2) if they open, it's OK.  I'll just refill them again.

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