Friday, April 18, 2014

Pictures of the pets

Henrietta having too much fun playing in the scrap pile

Rosie posie being all regal and haughty as if she is saying
"What do you think you're doing taking pictures of my flock?" Lol 


Tabitha was in "hen heaven" when I threw out the table 
scraps from lunch for her to scratch through. 

My sister's horse (22 or 23) being all flirty & daring.  He would prance around with his tail up, arching his neck and high stepping whenever I would try to get closer to him, then he'd stop and look back at me as if to say "Well come on!  I want to play!"  He and my horse are both trained to stay on the property so he was loose at this point in time, no ropes etc.


The females taking dust baths. 

 My husband's guinea's taking dust baths.  The male is "keeping watch".   He's a good roo over-all, as long as no one comes near his hens.

A closer shot at the male.  They all look the same, but hes slightly bigger.

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