Monday, March 31, 2014

Antsy to do list:

I have so many things to get done... argh!!

  • The chicken house needs to be cleaned, sawdust spread and "freshener" sprayed all over.  In both cases it will take more time than I have available to me right now with Little Frog sleeping only a short time per day and my sister & mom only being willing to watch him for a short time per day.
  • Get more sawdust from the saw mill: 2 pick-up loads
  • A heat lamp hanger to build:  PVC pipes or wooden dowel rods
  • Build another hen house:  Using chicken wire left over from Lisa, 2x4's etc for the frame work around the doorway. 
  • Find another form of nesting boxes; old plastic milk house sinks perhaps?
  • Redesign a former rabbit cage into a brooder, (for later when I have hens sitting on eggs) by wrapping the rabbit cage in chicken wire & some sort of material to make it dark and warm.
  • Nesting boxes to tear out clean, enlarge & reinstall; which in lehmans terms means I need to find some old crates, square liquid containers to cut in half, or something like them.  Something large enough for my brahma's & jersey giants.
  • Another pallet stand to hang from the ceiling, as well as a chicken swing.
  • Suspend the chicken water & feed buckets so they can't kick dirt and poop into them.

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