Sunday, March 23, 2014

Comical behaviors

Walking into my coop this morning to water the Isa's, I was hit by a wall of chickens attempting to get out.  They have been locked inside their coop off & on most of the winter, and the poor birds are going crazy.  It would be comical, if I didn't relate to them quite so much.  My family & I are also going crazy with all of this winter weather, and being "trapped" in the house for so long without being able to easily get out and do things as we would normally do.  

What is comical is how Ginger behaved day before yesterday.  I had two buckets of table scraps and garbage for them, but Ginger didn't know that so she slipped out of the coop between my feet as I went in.  Then when I tossed the garbage on the ground and put the chicken feed & oats in their feeder tray, she realized I had FOOD for her so she was trying her HARDEST to get back into the coop.  LOL!!  It was so funny.  She was running around, back & forth, but wouldn't let me catch her.  I had to get help from my sister, who held the door open while I chased Ginger back in.


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