Friday, June 6, 2014

Upcoming nuptuals for my brother & his bride

My brother & his bride will henceforth be referred to as Brother Opossum & Sister-in-law Opossum.  My sister-in-law has a thing for them, and they call each other by it so why shouldn't I?

My brother proposed about 3 weeks ago, and since they've been dating for the last 3.5-years... and they know where the end result will be, they decided "Why wait 6-months for the proper engagement period? We'll get married ASAP!!"  So... the wedding is set for July 12, 2014 and I'm in charge of the bridal shower on June 14, 2014.  I've never done one before but I'm hoping it will turn out as beautiful for real as it is in my mind!

Due to this, and the fact summer is getting into full swing here on our backwater farm... I've had no time to blog AT ALL lately... and that probably won't change for awhile. :-)

I will post photos of the shower & wedding as time allows and if they give their permission.

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