Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Photos of das beeplas! :-D

One of the Light Brahma Hens

SPAZZY!!!  Bahaha he's the most "show-off", photogenic, gentle rooster I've ever met. :-D 
He even lets my son pull on his feathers and he doesn't squawk or try to get away.

A light brahma hen & a jersey giant hen

Silver Lace Wyandotte rooster.  Thinking of naming him "lightning".

They're getting more adventurous!  Not quite comfortable enough with the outdoors to venture out of the barn, but they are getting closer!

Light brahma hen

Light brahma hen

Stella, 1/2 pastel easter eggers

Rodney, my jersey giant rooster

Roger, 1/2 easter egger roosters

Light brahma hen trying to figure out if this silver pan of water is a good thing or a bad thing...

Roger is investigating the food pan

2/2 pastel easter egger hens

They just got let out of the coop... it was a giant wave of 7-week old chickens!  LOL They were running so fast that some got trampled and went head over apple cart.

The adventurous light brahma who actually leaves the barn
The adventurous light brahma who actually leaves the barn.  She's pecking around under an old truck.

Roger being all pompous & strutting his stuff

Lightning poking around being nosy

All of the others following this point are Moms Isa Browns being nosy and poking around the yard for stuff to eat.  :-) 

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