Saturday, June 14, 2014

Letting the Beeplas free-range for the first time

The beeplas are officially free-ranging!  Yay! 

Yesterday my sister did chores for me because I was busy trying to put Little Frog down for his mid-morning nap.  He did eventually go down, but not before my sister opened up the coop door and let EVERYONE out to free-range.  She didn't know I had only been letting a handful out at a time so they would slowly get used to being "free" to roam...either way, they are all free now!

It went so well yesterday that I let them all loose again today, and boy oh boy were they EXCITED LOL!!!  They were running so fast when they were leaving the coop that they were running over each other and going head over apple cart!  LOL  It was so funny.   :-D

Between my husbands bantams (10), my beeplas (25), and moms adults (6)... we have a very busy little chicken farm!!  LOL   Chickens chickens everywhere!

In other news, it looks like I have no less than 5 roosters right now,  not counting my husbands.  Gah! 

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