Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Anticipation is building!

Although there was some doubt initially as to whether I had actually gauged the heat cycles in my mini Jersey cow correctly, I believe it is safe to announce that she is pregnant & her little bundle of joy is set to arrive sometime in late June, or early July.

If her little one is born on 7/4 it will be named Freedom, which can be either a male or female name. If it isn't born exactly on the day I'd like, it's ok. I still may be name it Freedom, but another name that's optional if it's a girl, is Honey, because Dad's honeybees paid for the some of the expenses necessary to pull this off.

I wanted to sit down & "record" some of the information I learned from the second inseminator, (Elmer Detwieler) but I didn't have time at that point, because I was trying to do to much. I thought I would have the opportunity to come back to it, but one thing led to another, as it always does, & here we are.

We've come through 7/9 months, she has approximately 60 days to go, a little less, & I have forgotten a lot of what he shared with me.

Elmer is a very unique, information rich individual. While observing her during the initial heat, that we missed** he revealed just how much information he had in his brain concerning artificial insemination, & cows in general. 30+ years, living in multiple countries as an AI, using the AI training to be a missionary... Working with lots of different breeds of cattle, & how each breed is different... The entire conversation was highly educational.

** (Elmer said it was OK, he'd rather we miss a half hearted heat & KNOW the cycle, than to guess & waste the semen straw)

Along the way, prior to beginning the process of getting her bred, I had her checked & dehorned by the vet. While he was out, the vet shared how exciting it was for him that I had gotten a mini in the first place, because it gave him a reason to go learn more about them since they're so rare. More than that though, I learned through that conversation that Rick Ultz... Yes THAT Rick Ultz, is this areas leading expert on jerseys! I was flabbergasted! Imagine the chances of that happening! All these years I've known, looked up to & respected this man, who has quietly been an expert on something that I love but never had the money to get into till last year!

As Sassy was 15-months when I got her, & of course being that young has never had a calf before, & I have never been responsible for a cow who's been bred before... We're both calving virgins so to speak. So I'm praying it all goes smoothly... Praying hard actually! ☺

I've grown to love that little cow. ❤ She's become like another child to me... & It would break my heart if something were to happen to her because of my stupidity in this matter.

But, the Lord has a plan. If he didn't, she wouldn't have fallen in my lap back when I saw the ad sin the paper. The semen shipment wouldn't have come together like it did, & nothing would have gone as smoothly as it has​...

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