Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weapon Concealment thoughts

Just jotting down a few thoughts as I look around for alternative ways to conceal carry. 

**  On a side note, I love my firearm.  I love the lines, the form, the way she handles, the way the grip fits my hand as if it were made just for me... the gushing could continue but I digress...

Can Can Concealment:  These ladies have several holsters that I would love to try out.  I love this whole concept, love the idea, the colors, the extra pockets, however both my husband & I are concerned about several points.   The safety factor of only a piece of elastic, albeit a snug piece, holding my weapon to my body whilst I care for our son is a major concern.  If it contained a way to "hold" the weapon into the pocket, such as a loop or piece of velcro, I might be less leery of the safety factor here, but... as it does not, I am being very cautious.  So keeping with the thought path of "absolute most safety possible", I am considering using a secondary form along with it, that will help to fully cover the trigger.   There are several brands of holster available that use kydex that has been formed to your specific weapon, and these are quite appealing to me, although I am not overly thrilled with the lack of a "loop" in this instance either.

Back to my original topic though, the main belly band holster I would like to try from this company is the Big Shebang. But all in all, I would also love to test out all three. (The corset, belly band & the garter).... but with prices starting at $69 on up from there... this is just something that will need to wait for a later time!  They are truly works of art though.

Foxx Holsters:  Again there are several holsters I would like to try from this company, but the main two are "In the waistband hybrid" (two clip) & "In the waistband little foxx hybrid" (one clip).  This company offers lots of different colors for the kydex portion and THAT part will be a really difficult decision.  However I can deal with the price of these a lot better than some of the others I've found. :-)

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